Athletic man using a foam roller to reli

Maintenance program

This is where most of us are in our day to day life:

wanting to move well and MoveMore but need the professional guidance for the best workouts and the motivation of being part of a group and a bigger picture.




Initial questionnaire:

Injury & medical history, big picture goals, a bit about getting to know you 

Initial assessment:

Goal setting & planning, setting expectations

Monthly follow up consultations: 

Feedback, questions, and advice


Full-body workouts at the right 'dose' for you

Advice for other beneficial training

eg. running or walking distance/duration.

Setting realistic habit goals:

To build your confidence and long-lasting change.

Managing muscle tension:

Advising you on when and where to perform self-massage, foam rolling, and fascial gliding

Building stability: Teaching activation patterns for a stable base

Relieving restricted mobility:

Teaching effective mobility drills