Initial questionnaire:

Injury & medical history, big picture goals, a bit about getting to know you 

Initial assessment:

Goal setting & planning, setting expectations

Regular follow-up consultations: 

Feedback, questions, and advice


Full-body workouts at the right 'dose' for you.

Tracking your workouts:

Tracking your workouts & pain levels via HabitShare app & Strava

Advice for other beneficial training

eg. running or walking distance/duration




Setting realistic habit goals:

To build your confidence and long-lasting change

Tracking your habits:

Tracking and encouraging your successful habits via HabitShare app 

Managing muscle tension:

Advising you on when and where to perform self-massage, foam rolling, and fascial gliding

Building stability: Teaching activation patterns for a stable base

Relieving restricted mobility:

Teaching effective mobility drills

Muscular Athletic Fit Man in T-shirt and

Are you wanting to overcome an injury once and for all?

When injured, knowing what is safe to do and when to do it is a tricky business. We are here to take care of that for you. Taking into consideration the stage of healing that your body is in, we will prescribe exercises to restore integrity of the area and to boost your body's ability to regenerate and rebuild. Our goal with rehabilitation is for your body to be more intelligent after the injury than it was before.