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Let's get going

Choose an option that suits you:

  • 4 Programme Plan

    Valid for one month
  • 8 Programme Plan

    Valid for 2 months
  • 12 Programme Plan

    Valid for 3 months

Say "YES!" to  moving as you are designed to
and see the benefits in your sport and life!

Our programmes are not your traditional strength workouts. Each exercise prepares your body to have the co-ordintaion, available range and capacity  to move (run and ride) as you have been designed to.
This type of training rewires how your brain interacts with your body so that efficient movement becomes your default. 

As your movement efficiency improves, you will be able to perform better and be buffered from injury .

Each strength and mobility exercise is part of a bigger picture, each with a specific goal to train the feedback and feedforward mechanisms of your brain and your body, as they work together.  

Specific cues are provided in the videos of:

  • how to load

  • where to move (hinge / pivot / stabilize / drive ) from.

As you progress through your individualized programme, the exercises and tasks increase in difficulty by advancing complexity and load.